Christopher Evola joins RB BASS Group of Anglers

Hometown: Tracy, California

Birthday: February 19

Favorite Music: Country

Home Lake: California Delta

Favorite Lake: California Delta

Favorite Technique: Punching and throwing a frog

Primary Fishing Strength: Optimism

Boat: Ranger 520 DVX with 225 Mercury Optimax

Tow Vehicle: F250 – Ford King Ranch

From a young age, I was introduced to fishing and I now have the opportunity to pursue my dreams in the fishing industry with the goal of fishing the entire FLW circuit and winning an FLW event. Besides being an up and coming professional angler I’m a Police Officer with Bay Area Rapid Transit in California. As a Police Officer, I have the responsibilities that involves the protection of life and property, providing information and assistance to the public, enforcement of laws and ordinances, criminal investigation and crime prevention and suppression. When I’m not fishing, or working I enjoy spending time with my family and hunting. My wife, Melissa, my 5-year-old son, Vincent, and 2-year-old daughter, Raelynn all love the outdoors. I believe it’s important to challenge myself and follow my passion as I want to lead by example and teach my son and daughter to challenge them selves and follow their passion one day. Some of my fishing tournaments and accomplishments consist of:

  • 2016 Ultimate Frog Challenge – Pro – 3rd Place
  • 2016 Police, Fire and Corrections Badge Packer Tournament – 5th Place
  • 2015 California Delta Future Pro Tournament – 13th Place
  • 2016 River2Sea Open – 14th Place
  • 2016 FLW California Delta – 45th Place
  • Tracy Bass Turkey Shoots – Several 1st Place Wins

My passion for this sport is great and I love being challenged and adapting to multiple new situations.

Lake New Melones Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 52 to 54
Air temp 32
Wind 2 mph
Weather pre front ?
Water clarity 4ft
Location new Melones

                With freezing temperatures  what better place to be than on Lake New Melones with my good friend Josh Parris. With the current conditions and Josh’s knowledge of this great fishery we started on off shore islands. I started with a 1/2 slickhead jig in pb&j trailered with a Bass Assassin pure craw in watermelon red flk and Josh with a Optimum swimbait. We positioned our self on the top of the island and made long casts and we were dragging our baits uphill and in no time I had our first fish on the jig catching a few more in the 2 pound range and Josh catching one in the 4 pound range we decided to make a move to a steep bluff on the main lake.

 Josh was still fishing the big swimbait and I picked up the A-rig and started to really put a hurting on em!!!! I started to put together a solid pattern with the G-rig letting it sink to a 9 count and slow retrieve was the ticket on the bluffs. We also found a shallow largemouth bite on long sloping points as the day went on that bite seem to get better dead sticking the fat job worm and slow rolling the G-rig with Bass Assasin swimbaits at about 2 o’clock we had 15 pounds or so for our best five so josh decided to go back to were we started on the submerged islands so I picked back up the jig and make a few casts and feel tick tick and  KAKABOOOOOOOM a true giant largemouth comes to the surface josh nets her she topped the scales at 9.7 pounds!

A 9.7lb Giant!

We started to notice big bass chasing trout all around us josh quickly picks up the new Balam 300 swim bait by Optimum baits and boom another big fish hammers it this fish in the 7 pound range. With all the activity I pick up the G-rig and a 4 pound spot just crushes it putting our total bag just under 30 pounds. All in all it was a great day. Remember it’s winter slow down and fish adjacent to deep water access bring your baits uphill, and good luck !!!!

Lake Amistad Fishing Report


Check one off the bucket list!

  With Mark Lassagne and Mike Coleman

 Traveling through New Mexico on there way to the B.A.S.S. National Championships in Conroe Texas Mike Coleman and Mark Lassagne decided to forgo a night of sleep and make a couple hundred mile detour to Lake Amistad.

 Amistad is one of those lakes where you hear and read about but located on the Mexico border on the southern end of Texas is a long ways from California hence the reason for the diversion.

 Arriving at the lake Mark and Mike were met with a majestic lake where the water visibility was over 10 feet, low 70 degree temps light winds and moderate rain clearing throughout the day.

 Launching from the state park near the Hwy 90 Bridge the pair traveled out about a ¼ mile and started fishing. Heading out from the ramp everything looks fishy so much that it’s difficult to choose where to start, stated the pair.

 By the looks of the day they tried top water, chatterbaits and some other reaction with no bites.

 Picking up and heading to the bridge as bridges are generally a good place to catch a few fish. This bridge has deep water, riprap with flats on both sides with submerged brush.  Tossing crankbaits and worms along the riprap, no bites.

 Now about an hour into the trip and no bites Mark decides to get out the Aqua-Vu and see what’s really down there. Lowering the camera down on the points of the bridge Mark spots several good smallmouth in about 15ft of water. They didn’t know there were smallies in the lake.

 Mike started dropshotting along the riprap after seeing this and quickly landed a small smallmouth, them Mark landed one also, but the fish were small and not what they were looking for.


 Moving up into the cove next to the bridge, Mike tossed a Senko (Green Pumkin Purple Fake) get’s bit, the fish is ripping drag and Mike pulls the rod up quickly while reeling and hooks the reel handle in his rain gear hood, fish proceeds to break the line leaving Mike frustrated, Mark laughs and tried to get a picture and video of the ordeal.

The one that got away #Colemanalltangledup


Coleman all Tangled up

Coleman all Tangled up

After this they both start pitching Senkos in the brush, landing about 10 fish to 2lbs – still not the size this Texas Lake is famous for.


 Heading across the lake Mike tried a jig and Mark cranked a R2S Goon in Big Sexy color. They both land fish right away two of them in two foot of water and then another one after seeing it bust out deep – both fish were 1.5 to 2lbs.


From there they bounced around the main lake catching a fish here or there – then headed back toward the launch, pulling up on a point Mark lands a couple on the Goon when Mike spots more fish busting out deep.  Switching to a LV500 they started following busting fish more than ¼ mile off the bank.

 The bite turned on like crazy and they landed over 50 fish in the next two hours. Once the sun started to set the bite stopped as abruptly and it started.


Amistad – not the giants it’s noted for but and awesome day on a beautiful lake, one these guys will not soon forget.


More about Mark Lassagne at

Mike Coleman at



RB BASS Anglers @ Bass Pro Shops Rocklin


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Rocklin, CA | Bass Pro Shops

5472 Crossings Dr
Rocklin, CA 95677



Delta Fishing Report by Josh Parris

Delta Map

Last Saturday I got out for a Sonora bass tournament on the Delta out of Ladd’s. I’ve been super busy and wasn’t able to get out to pre fish. After taking a look at the tide charts and weather over the last week I figured I’d stay local and capitalize on time spent fishing versus running. Also the fact that it was the same day as BBT’s TOC, I didn’t want to interfere with anglers fishing it.  My first run on blast off was the mouth of the first sloughs past Ladd’s. I started out throwing top water. Within five casts I realized, I just wasn’t feeling it. So I picked up my Falcon BuCoo Super Duty rod and started punching and heavy flipping.


I was using a 1oz River2sea Trash Bomb paired with their New Jack flipping hook in 4/0. As far as my baits any crawfish imitation seemed to work. The cover that held the better fish was the thickest and hardest stuff to get my bait threw. The reason I didn’t just up the weight to get through easier, was once you got through the fish seemed to want a slow fall. I never had an initial fall bite and all were subtle pressure bites while working the bait. So I worked up the river to a spot I knew had a good mix of hyacinth, tulles and grass. Two spots with in a 100 yard stretch were really what I focused on the entire day. The patches were only about the size of a truck bed. It was the very bottom of low tide so rather than running for the right tide I waited it out. I was able to put a small limit in the boat for 10lbs by 8:30. At 9:00 the tide really started moving back in and got right! For the next three hours I literally worked as slow as humanly possible back and forth between the two patches, culling once on every pass. I felt the key was really to hit every target as quietly and effective as possible. At 10 I punched my best fish, at that point going over 5lbs. Ten minutes later I stuck another good one over 4 lbs. unfortunately during culling with the 4 lber the 5 lber jumped out of the well and right over the rail.  That was a first for me! In a bit of a fit I still threw out the 2 lb. fish I was culling leaving me with four fish. After about 15 minutes of stewing I got back to it. At 11:00 I stuck a 7 lber. I had two more good fish that I never saw pop off after that. By 1:00 the bite pretty much dissolved. I switched to cranking main channel and was able to catch a few fish and made one more cull before weigh in.


I ended the day with 18.72 which was good enough for first place and big fish for the tournament.

Jos Parris


2016 River2Sea open wrap up

river 2 sea logo black

Bethel Island Ca-River2Sea wrap up

River2Sea held another Big Party on the California Delta with 118 boats in attendance. Anglers could only fish with River2Sea Products leveling the playing field for all. River2Sea makes Crank baits, Spinner Baits, Poppers, Frogs, Tungsten Flipping weights, Tungsten Nail weights, Punch Hooks, The Rover, The Whopper Plopper, The New Ruckus and the New Double Whopper Plopper. This gave Anglers several choices on how they could fish and chase those Big Delta Bass. To get your River2Sea product at please click here.

River2Sea Open

Stormy weather rolled thru the Delta region for the weekend, there was wind-sun-clouds, rain, the bottom line is the weather was crazy over the weekend with a 25 Degree Temperature drop! None of this would distract the Anglers fishing for the 2016 River2Sea Crown. Boats scattered in every direction chasing the win. The Team of Venkus and Haley would take home the 2016 River2Sea Title. They were awarded with $5350.00 for their efforts. To see Results Click Here.



The Big Bass of the River2Sea Open was a Stud 9.44 Delta Donkey caught by the Team of Patton and Patton! Big Smiles with a Big Bass Payout and a pair of Nice Trophies! The Big Bass paid out $1020.00 in this event! 


The River2Sea Open Big Bass Party would not be complete without a Huge Raffle! Top prizes included a set of Tires from Hercules Tires in the new Terra Trac M/T , Terra Trac T/G or Terra Trac At2, all these Hercules Tires offer a Industry leading 2 year 50% Road Hazard Warranty with 100% Free replacement in the allotted time and tread wear.


The grand prize would be a fully Rigged Hunting set up with a Quad-Shotguns and more, this prize would be given to the lucky Team holding the Golden Ticket! This was done bye Boat Draw and the Lucky Team in attendance was Dee Thomas and Mr Ryan.


On Display was Ranger Boats,Trigger Happy Comfort Grips, Big ol Pig and Cal Coast fishing was in attendance throwing out the Bait Sack product samples to the crowd! Also Bait Sack was a big supporter of the huge Raffle!  

Cal Coast PDF


Huge Crowds were gathered around Trade booths waiting for the Final Results and Raffle Prizes! All the Anglers were eager at their shot for huge Raffle prizes about to be drawn. 






CA Delta Report 9-24-2016 by Nick Lynch


Delta Map


I fished the Future Pro Tour event today with my partner Josh Parris. We took 10th place with 14lbs, here’s how it went down. We started our day in 14 mile slough throwing reaction baits and topwater. The water up there was very dirty and we only managed 1 keeper fish in an hour of fishing, topwater never went for us and our one fish came on a square bill. It was pretty much a grind after that, we filled out a small limit running around throwing senkos and dropshots. We fished around Hog Island and landed another decent fish on a spinner bait, the reaction bite was producing better fish. Towards the end of the day we fished the San Joaquin River and upgraded most of our fish by throwing senkos and punching the grass. If you’re going to be fishing the delta this time of the year you have to be punching if you want to catch a big bag. Everyone in the top 5 reported catching punch fish. The only issue is there has been tons of spraying going on and there is not much good punch water until you get around Franks Tract. Due to our boat we had to stay local and it was a grind to find our 14 lbs.

Tight lines, Nick Lynch


Steven Wilson Joins RB BASS Group

  Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson was born in Vallejo, ca. Steven is 40 years old and currently resides in Rohnert Park, CA. Steven spent most of his life growing up in Tracy, CA where he first learned to fish for bass on the California Delta. Steven has competitively bass fished for over 25 years now, and he has had many honorable successes. He has had the pleasure of learning from some of the biggest names in bass fishing, including, Skeet Reese, Jimmy Reese, Dee Thomas and Don Payne. Steve owns a beautiful 2016 Triton 20TRX , which he pulls with his 2000 F250 Super Duty.  Steve says “Next season I plan to fish as many tournaments as I can to help build a reputation and to get more experience, that includes fishing the Wild West Bass Trail the annual Pro/Teen tournament and the California B.A.S.S Nation”  “Presently, my fishing expenses are paid for by my full time job working at Rancho Verde MHP as a Manager.” 

Stevens commitment to the Sport of Bass Fishing and to the future of our sport with Youth Anglers makes a good fit with us here at RB BASS , as we promote our sport our sponsors and ourselves while helping others. Were excited to work with Steven Wilson as he grows in the Fishing Industry with the RB BASS Group of Tournament Anglers.

Below are some of Steven Wilsons accomplishments , strengths and goals.

•   Driven/Motivated •   Outgoing •   Confident •   Committed
•   Leadership •   Honest • Computer Literate

•   Become a professional angler •   Generate product interest/exposure
•   Promote fishing to everyone, especially to young people as a fun and exciting sport
•   Help in promoting product and or ideas

Tournaments Highlights
Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club 

1997-201023 win’s

47 top 5’s

50+ top 10’s

Redwood Empire Bass Club

2000-2009   3 win’s

30 top 10’s

WON BASS Rookie teams

2008 2 top 5’s

Bakersfield Bass

2006-2007   4 win’s, 4 top 3’s5 top 5’s

California Bass Federation (TBF)

2008 top 5’s

2010 California B.A.S.S Nation Team

2011 California B.A.S.S Nation Team

2012 California B.A.S.S Nation Team

2013 California B.A.S.S Nation Team

2014 California B.A.S.S Nation Team

2015 California B.A.S.S Nation Team

2015 California B.A.S.S Nation State Champion

2016 California B.A.S.S Nation Team


Steve Wilsons Co-Pro Teen Story

The19th Annual C.O. Pro/Teen Classic 2016



The 19th annual pro/teen classic 2016 was another awesome success. Thanks again to Andy Cuccia (cooch), all the boaters that volunteered and all the sponsors that kicked in, it would not have happened if not for them. The pro/teen classic is a tournament dedicated to Conroy Oakley and is for teenagers from 13 to 19. The pro’s (boaters) donate their time to take a teenager out in a pro style tournament. The pro is only allowed to contribute 3 fish to the 5 fish limit but the teen can and has caught all 5 weighed in in every tournament. There is no money to be won. The teen’s entry is $35 which includes 

  • Tackle pack of great value
  • Commemorative participation plaque for each teen
  • Snack pack & bottled water during the tournament
  • Free Raffle Tickets
  • BBQ after the tournament including family & friends
  • One great day of fishing!!

The top 3 get a rod and reel and plaques are handed out to every teen that participated and one for big fish of the tournament. This year there were 60 teams that went out of Russo’s Marina to fish the huge California delta.  I showed up early like I normally do about 4am. Put the boat in the water and went down to get paired up with my teen for the day. As I walked up I could see a few teens standing around waiting to be paired up. Standing there with all their gear waiting in anticipation almost looking nervous. I’m sure the butterflies were churning in there stomach. Mine still do to this day after 25 years of fishing tournaments. I check in and Cooch hands me the rules and my boat number and yells out for a teen named Nicholas Lynch. Now every year at the pro/teen tournament I get excited to be able to teach someone some things i know about fishing and there have been times where the teen actually teaches me something lol. Iv even had a teen that had his own boat at age 14, his mom and dad would drop him into the water and come back and get him when he was done. We fished his water all day and caught a ton of fish. So after Cooch yells nicks name I turn and see him walk up with an RBBass jersey on. I’m thinking I knew I heard that name before, and that’s where, We greet each other and head to my boat tide to the dock. We talk our strategy. I ask if he has water to fish and he said yes later in the morning so I start telling him where we should go and he said let’s do it. We are boat 43 but we’re second boat out. Cooch give the signal of fireworks that we are about to blast off and we start idling out to the mouth of the slough. We fly to potato and I start throwing a Picasso Buzz Saw double bladed buzz bait and nick starts throwing a Yamamoto senko around some sparse tulles with current running into them in about 6′ of water and almost immediately he starts hooking up. I keep getting blow ups on Picasso Buzz Saw buzz bait but there not eating it. After every boil I reel in, grab my Yamamoto senko and pitch it to where the boil was but they don’t eat it. After Nick sticks 3 fish with the senko I put the Picasso down and pick up a black and red 6″ Yamamoto senko and fill our limit within about 10 minutes. We had our limit before a lot of other boats even started fishing. We stick with the senkos and upgrade slowly, just by a little with each fish caught throughout the morning. The bite slowed down so we made a run to disappointment slough and give that spot about 20 minutes with no success. Nick says lets hit his water so we head that way. We pull up to the spot and Nick picks up a frog and I pick up a punch bait and start punching some penny wart. We work the area for about 10 minutes and I stick a small fish that won’t help. Nick says just give it a few more minutes, there should be another one in there. I keep punching and nick picks up the Picasso Buzz Saw and fires a long cast and starts reeling back. He only reeled maybe 5 or 6 turns and there was a huge swirl about 5′ behind the bait, still reeling another 3 or 4 turns and a fish crushes the bait. He gets the fish to the boat and I net it and it’s a giant. We weigh it just to see how much it weighed and I put in the live well, culling a 1 1/2 pound fish. We fish the entire area noticing that big fish came from some Hydrilla in about a foot of water. Hoping for more giants but to no eval. We head into weigh in wondering if we had the winning weight. The weigh in is always fun. Cooch makes it fun and gets the crowd involved. Waiting our turn with our fish in weigh bags sitting in the waiting water tanks we tell Cooch our boat number and hand off the bags to the weigh master. Cooch grabs nick and asked him how the day was and how many fish he caught in our 5 fish limit. As he’s asking nick questions I pull out the giant to show it off and the crowd went nuts and so did cooch. Putting it on the scale it went 8.67. Big enough for the big fish of the tournament. We put the rest of the fish on the scale that totaled 18.97, good enough for 3rd place. One thing that Cooch does is make sure every single teen gets a plaque regardless if the caught fish or not. After a great raffle it was time to head home with a lifetime of memories and new friends. Tell next year!! 

nick 8

I want to thanks my sponsors

C&C Marine

Triton Boats

Mercury Marine

Vicious Fishing


Trigger Happy Comfort Grips

Picasso Lures

Trailer Valet

HI’s Tackle

Preston Henson and James Matsuoka Win Bass Pro Shops Top 100 event

Bass Pro Shops Top 100

Preston Henson and James Matsuoka Win Bass Pro Shops Top 100 event

The First ever Bass Pro Shops Northern California Open was held at Folsom Lake last weekend. This was a event where 100 Teams fished for 2 days and only the top 10 Teams moved on to weigh in at Bass Pro Shops is Rocklin Ca on Sunday. Two RB BASS Anglers made the top 10 Randy Walker and Preston Henson, both Anglers Teams had a shot at the title.

The Team of Preston Henson and James Matsuoka squeaked out the win as they edged out Corey Fenske’s Team by a very narrow margin. Preston Henson stated that the bite changed each and every day, the fish were transitioning from eating bait to eating craws. The team used the River2Sea Rover for key topwater bites and then changed to dartheads and the River2Sea Papa Mur Jig for most of their bites that they weighed in over 3 days to take the win with a total weight of over 40lbs.

Preston Ninja

Preston Hensons Sponsors are: Phenix Rods,Lews Reels,RBBASS,River2Sea,D&M Custom Baits

James Matsuoka’s Sponsors are: River2Sea and Phenix Rods