Lake Oroville Fishing Report by Sheldon Bisbee

CTT @ Lake Oroville

Day 1 of CTT (California Tournament Trail), water temps were anywhere from 49- 52 degrees, water was dirty with about a 2ft visibility. My pro for day 1 was Scott Head, we started off in the South fork fishing island tops in about 5-15ft of water. With no luck we moved to a waterfall and caught a limit on ¼ darterheads rigged with 2.8 Keitech rainbow shad. About noon the wind started to pick up so we fished rock walls with white on white spinnerbaits and a underspin with a 2.8 kKitech rainbow shad, caught about 10 fish with a couple good 2 pound spots. Towards the end of the day we started fishing shallow sand banks with spinnerbaits and caught better fish. We weighed 9.98 for the first day.

Day 2 of CTT, water temps and water clarity were the same but the wind was blowing a little more. My pro for day 2 was Mark Lassagne, owner of BAM (Bass Angler Magazine)  we fished main body points and coves throwing a-rigs and a underspin with a 2.8 Keitech. Around 1pm we headed up north and found a crankbait bite, I was throwing a Ima Pinjack in Hot Craw color in about 3-9ft of water. We ended the day with 9.95, overall it was a decent tournament. Finished 13th on the am side, Bill Cook and the CTT staff run a amazing circuit and I do recommend it for anyone that is just starting out fishing Pro-Ams. I learned a lot from my pros.

You can find the baits I used this weekend at Monster Tackles website

Mark Lassagne (Bass Angler Magazine)

Scott Head (

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Nor Cal 90 -Lake Oroville 2017 Tournaments

NorCal90 logo

2017 Tournament Season

“Lake Oroville”

The Basic Entry for each event will be $130 per team and this includes Big Fish money.

There will be 1 -$20 option that pays back the top 3, for an All-In of $150.

$20.00 membership per person (good for 2017 season) must be paid before fishing any event.


Saturday – December 3rd , 2016 – Bidwell Ramp

Saturday – January 7th  , 2017 – Bidwell Ramp

Saturday – February 4th  , 2017 – Bidwell Ramp

Sunday – March 5th , 2017 – Spillway Ramp

Sunday – April 9th , 2017 – Spillway Ramp


Dates to be determined ???


The 2017 points race (5 events) will start in Dec. and be 1 event per month through Apr. Teams must fish 4 of 5 events to qualify (no throw out for AOY/Top 5 in Points). Points will be awarded as follows “100-1st, 99-2nd,98-3rd , etc”, + 10 show up points per event fished. We will take the highest finishing team (1) from each event that has fished 4 of 5 events that did not qualify based on Top 5. Currently the only info that will be provided for the Fish-Off is that it will not be on Lake Oroville and will be kept secret until at least 24/48hrs prior to the event.  
Entry Forms will be accepted @ North Valley Tackle 2368 Lincoln Blvd. 530-712-9356

Until Fri. before each event, or Mail them to address below to avoid late fee the morning of.

   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

 This will be a Trail ran by Fisherman, for the Fisherman. 

Jason Bubier Owner/Director 34 Gleness Dr., Oroville, Ca 95966

530-589-2601 530-230-8868


Bullards Bar Fishing Report

Bullards Bar Map-2

Bullards Bar

Went up to Bullards Bar to check things out for the upcoming RB Bassfishing media day. Hadn’t been there for 3 years and had never used the Dark Day Campground boat ramp. I was impressed with the ramp, all concrete 2 lanes and the dock is in great shape. Water level shows to be 68% of capacity.

The water temp was in the low 60’s, not a hint of a breeze and a clear blue sky. Great for pictures!

Started motoring around main lake points looking for bait and some arches. They were few and far between. The big Spots on this lake are usually found deep, but I always start out throwing reaction baits hoping for a good bite. I will throw them out over deep water as those Spots will suspend and there’s always a chance of hitting one on the head. Was not going to happen on this morning, so after an hour it was time to pull out the drop shot.

The majority of the fish I saw were in the 45 foot range. They were leary to say the least. The bites were quick snaps at the bait with no connection. I started throwing an old ugly tube on a 1/4 oz jig head and landed the first fish of the day. A very small keeper, but it was a start.

I decided to make a move up river and start working my way back. There were a few small water falls still flowing from the rain we had a few weeks back. Finding concentrations of bait was a real challenge for me. I have only been on the lake a handful of times with some success, but today was a grind.

I started to throw small Yamamoto craw on a 1/4 oz dart head. Finally something they liked. All of the fish I started catching were suspended, there was no sign of a bite, the line just stopped. I caught a number of fish in a short period of time, all were small, skinny rats! Not what Bullards Bar is know for.

Time was running out on me. I switched up to a Senko on a weighted wacky rig. First fish to hit was about a 2, the neat thing is this fish had a belly. As I released it back into the water, it spit up a good sized claw from a crawdad. The next cast was the bite of the day for me. Not a giant, but a 5.55 lb Spot on 6 lb test line is always exciting! I couldn’t have asked for a better end of the day.

Landed the fish with care, then right into the livewell. These fish are tough, but coming from deep water and fighting for what they think is their lives will stress them out. I had her weighed and got a few pics and she was swimming away in less than a minute. I really work hard a protecting the resource and I hope you will too.

Monster Tackle carries all of the tackle I mentioned, they even have an exclusive color of the Yamamoto Senko, and it really is a great bait!

Thanks for reading, be safe and handle your catch carefully as catching sure is the fun part!

Mike Tremont RB BASS Angler




Lake Oroville Fishing Report

Lake Oroville Map

Lake Oroville is fishing good now! Over the last week the water temps have started to fall into the low 60 degree range and the fish have started to feed good and stack the winter weight on. This last week we have seen several fish in the 2lb range being caught and some 3lb fish mixed in also. The large fish are always the trick to find at Oroville but the good news is that numbers are showing up, 20-50 fish days are not uncommon at all right now. The other good news is that the fish have begun to spread out in the water column and also move shallow. Right now there are fish from 1 foot deep down to 50′ so you can fish your strength and be successful. As always the Keitech, Robo worm and Senko are the top producers. I do expect in the next couple weeks we will see the Jig bite come on strong and the A-rig will start producing big soon as well. Fish will be focused on main points and some beginning to feed in the very back of the pockets, the backs of the rivers will always have good populations of fish this time of year!  Oroville is currently at 733.64 feet and ramps are in good shape. Bidwell and the spillway ramp are usable and in good condition. Good Luck!


For any of your fishing needs while headed to Lake Oroville stop at 
North Valley Tackle & Pro Shop
2368 B Lincoln St,
Oroville CA, 95966

Lake Oroville Report by Dominic Mohameds

Lake Oroville Map


Lake Oroville

62-64 water temp

Scattered Showers


North Valley Tackle Grand Opening Open Team Tournament at Lake Oroville paid off for my partner and me. Mind you this was our first trip to Lake Oroville ever. With no lake experience I quickly checked out the RB Bass fishing page to get some useful tips on the where, what and when’s of bass fishing. As I went over previous reports and networking with my buddies I decided we would make our way south and just fish! My partner and I had no clue where we were going so we stuck with the simple game plan. We started on some main lake points. My partner caught the first fish on a kietech. A nice German Brown! Or Salmon?


Then he picked up a fluke and nailed a spot cookie cutter shortly after. We picked up and headed further south. The rain was starting to come down heavy then would lighten up just to start pouring again.  Once we seen “the trees” we were on fish.  We started flipping a drop shot out in 20ft of water outside the trees catching keepers and culling ounces. We moved to the back of a cove that had a creek pouring into it that was about 15ft deep and boom a 2.72lb Largie rattled the jerk bait! Our bait colors consisted of shad patterns for the swim baits and jerkbaits and MM3/Morning Dawn for the Robos. We ended up weighing 9.23lbs with a Big Fish of 2.72lbs and took 2nd place out of 62boats. Winners took it with 9.26lbs.

Have fun, be safe and fish positive. It only takes that one bite to change the game!




Dominick Mohameds


Sponsors: Dans Delta Outdoors, WAFT Rods USA, Crossed Industries

Jimbo’s Lake Lanier Fishing Report


Jimbo Guide Picture



Hey Gang –

Here are my current open dates for November:  2(AM), 7, 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30.  
The fishing on Lake Lanier has again been excellent this past week! The water temperatures have stabilized this past week with the warm days and cool nights, but the water level continues to drop as the corp continues to pull water and we get no rain. We are in store for a continued excellent autumn of fishing as the lake continues to drop.  I look for a great ditch bite later this fall, and until then, the topwater and swimbait bite is ON!  We are starting to see some schooling activity early each morning around shallower humps both on the main lake and mouths of creeks. This is always fun and you should expect this to hang around for the next few weeks.  When the schooling bite is slow, we have been heading out to main lake humps early in the morning and working a jig, shaky head, and drop shot for some solid fish. 8-12 feet seems to be the best depth. As the day progresses and the sun starts to get up, we have been working humps and long running points with brush.  The fish have been relating to brush in 12-18 feet of water on most sunny days.  The topwater and swimbait bite over the brush has really been awesome this week – make sure to check out the pictures above as well as on my FaceBook account – Jimbo On Lanier.  Our best topwater baits have been a chug bug, Vixen, Whopper Plopper, and a Pencil Popper.  A Sebile has been our go-to swimbait.  If you get no response on top, switch to a SuperSpin and Spro Jerkbait around and over the brush. Also a Picasso Swim Jig or Chatterbait slow-reeled over the brush has been a good option.
For Fluorocarbon Line, I exclusively use Seaguar.  It is simply the best Fluoro on the market.  I especially like the Abrazx and Tatsu. Absolutely the Best of the Best in fishing Line!
The fish are really getting active and I am fired up for this fall!!  I am now guiding in a Brand New Xpress Bass Boat – 21’3″ powered by a 250 Yamaha SHO and equipped with the latest Lowrance HDS Gen III units featuring 3D Structure Scan technology.  Come take a ride in this beauty!  
Here are my current open dates for November:  2(AM), 7, 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30. 
 Give me a call and let’s get out and have some fun! If you have been waiting for the fall bite, its here, and its time to FISH!

Thanks to all and May God Bless.

Lake Oroville Fishing Report

Lake Oroville Map

Oroville is getting some much needed rain! With the recent rain improving lake conditions it has also improved fishing conditions for the bigger spots. Currently Lake Oroville is at 736.02 feet and the lake has remained at 736′ for about 15 days, this has made fishing stable and the rain has already got some of the creeks flowing. Last weekend the Future pro tournament was held out of Bidwell Marina and it took less than 9.5lbs to win that event, for this weekends North Valley Tackle open i do predict the weights will go up some.  Bigger spots are showing up on reaction baits such as shad pattern spinnerbaits and mid range crankbaits like the IMA Pinjack, also topwater baits like the Rover are producing quality bites. Try targeting the running creeks with a spinnerbait and the flatter main points with topwater, this is a tough pattern to fish all day but it will produce better than average results. As of right now the spillway ramp is open and in good shape with 8 lanes in the water, water clarity will vary from 12′ in the main body and middle fork to less than 2′ in the running creeks up and down the slot. Good luck everybody!

North Valley Tackle & Pro Shop
2368 B LIncoln St
Oroville, CA 95966

Jamey Soensen/Dan Wells

North Valley Tackle & Pro Shop
“Event will be Launching from the Spillway Launch Area”

Breaking Down Oroville by Charlie King


It’s been a long hard year that started right here in March on Lake Oroville. Last weekend marked the ending of the 2016 FPT season in beautiful Oroville California. 
I set aside Thursday and Friday to get some pre fishing in because I have not had a chance to get back to the lake sent the Classic. 
Both Thursday and Friday fishing was pretty good you could catch them on top water all the way down to 50 feet of water. 
Thursday I went south in the hopes of find some lagermouth, I never did. I ended up catching about 7 to 8 pounds of spotted bass in 20 to 25 feet on a drop shot, I was using a bait by Savage Gear that I’m pretty sure the fish are not seeing everyday, the bait is called Sandeels Slugs, this is a floating bait that is 4 inches long and when nose hooked it has incredible action. I used Okuma TCS 7′ drop shot rod paired with Okuma Helios Hx 25 high speed spinning reel, this is a super light and sensitive rod. I use Fins 40G 45lb test Composite Superline, I know why such a heavy Pound test for dropshotting, well friends let me tell you this line only has a 6lb Mono Diameter and I like to use a 6lb test fluorocarbon tag so with the line size being the same the double uni knot I use is extremely strong. 
Lake Oroville Map
Friday I started on the main lake and the fish were just going crazy for the River2Sea Rover in Ghost Minnow color. I throw the Rover with Okuma TCS 7′ 3″ casting rod paired with the TCS Helios and Fins 40lb test Wind tamer braided line. As long as the wind was blowing the fish would eat the Rover but if it stopped so did the bite. I  found that a deep diving crank bait would catch fish for about a half hour after the wind died down, but after that I was not very happy with what I was seeing, I spent the rest of the day running around the lake check here and there but was still a little worried about the afternoon bite, now what I’m about to say is a very important lesson to pay attention to, the sun was bright and the wind was dead calm it was hot and getting late in the day so I was headed to the ramp, I noticed a cove that had some trees in the water and turn to go look and see if I could get a fish or two. I know everyone was throwing a Senko so to give the fish are different look I chose to fish the Savage Gear Watermelon Red 3D Armor Crawler. This bait is great when using a nail weight because of the armor mesh that is infused throughout the head of the worm there is no need to glue the weigh so it doesn’t get thrown out every time you catch a fish. The first pitch into the tree I was rewarded with a 2lb spot, the biggest fish of my pre fish. I got a  couple more bites that I shook off and pulled up to go look for more trees, I  pulling into the next cove and pitch the Armor Crawler into the tree and my line jumped I set the hook on a big fish that did not like it and took off, I  never got to see it because it broke my 10lb test fluorocarbon line. The good news is I  was pretty happy with what I had found for my afternoon pattern when the wind died down and the hot sun came up, there are  those two key words again. I had my game plan for the tournament now I need to get  some heavier line because I was not going to have a fish break me off on tournament day, so off I go to North Valley Tackle in Oroville, which by the way I would like to say thanks to, they kept the store open until 8pm on Friday for us guys fishing the Future Pro Tour and opened up at 4am Saturday morning even had coffee and donuts for the fisherman, that my friends is pretty cool, so make sure to stop in on your way to the lake.
Finally tournament day is here and I am feeling pretty good with what I found in pre fish. Now that lesson I told you to pay a attention to, I am starting to notice as we blast off the wind is blowing a little bit more and the sky’s a bit darker at first I thought it was going to really help the top water bite, as I  pull up to the first main lake point and make a cast with the Rover I noticed something right away, the wind was blowing from a different direction, I fished for about 20 minutes without a bite and told my team partner we are in trouble, today is completely different from my two pre fishing days and the top water fish are gone! Now I just couldn’t except that a little cloud cover would hurt a top water bite right, so I made a couple of judgments and went to the windblown side of Lake and got a couple to eat a Rico Popper but it was still no where near as good as it was yesterday. I pulled out my Okuma drop shot rod and put 3 keeper’s in the boat to feel our limit, but all the fish are barely 13″ fish, I told my partner with this cloudy conditions to keep with the top water bait and I will try to get a bigger fish deep while we wait for the  sun to come out. Here it is 12 noon and we have 5.5 to 6 pounds and the sun is no where in sight, I still have to go check out the trees so we make the run from the main body to the middle river and pull into the cover with the trees, not one boat is in there and I tell Chase this might be ok. As I idle up to the trees I noticed on my Humminbird the bait is gone, I new then in my heart that we would get no fish in the trees but I still had to check after about a hour without a bite we gave up and headed back to the main lake to throw top water the rest of the day, with a hour left to fish the wind gods looked down on us and we culled two fish with 1.75lbs spots that smashed the Rover with less then a hour to fish. We now had a 7.00lb limit. I new it was a tough day and the weights would be low and I was right. Little less then 10lbs won the event and we missed a check by less then half 
a pound.
I want to thank RBBASS for giving me the opportunity to share my fishing adventures with you all a I look forward to writing more about the equipment and techniques I use in my Tournament Fishing.
So if you enjoyed reading my story please let me know, Thanks and God Bless.
Charlie King
Savage Gear USA Okuma Johnson Outdoors Humminbird/MinnKota River2Sea PlanoSynergy Cal Coast Fishing TNT Reelspeed THCG Dan’s Delta Outdoors and RBBASS 

Lake Oroville Fishing Report

Lake Oroville Map

Lake Oroville is in the late summer early fall transition period and the fishing is good! Most anglers are catching good numbers of fish that are 10″-15″ long, but as always in October on Oroville finding the 2lb plus fish is the challenge. This weekend has storms forecaster that should bring much needed rain and with that rain and cloud cover i expect the top water and reaction bite to be good. The lake right now is between 64 and 68 degrees depending where your at and the pond smelt are from the surface down to 10′. All of the normal stuff is working well right now, Old ugly tubes, dart headed prizim shad and light oxblood robo worms, and weightless senkos in shad colors. The next few weeks we will have some larger tournaments on the lake and i expect the winning bags to be caught on a reaction or top water bait like a Vixen, spinnerbait or a crankbait! The best advice I can give to an angler coming up with out very much practice time is to start shallow in the morning around flat points and flat pockets, transition to steeper walls as the sun comes up and start fishing with down baits and weightless senkos. If nothing pans out for you, try the backs of the rivers, they are always a good place to invest some time! As of this morning the lake is at 737.02 feet and the spillway launch ramp has 8 lanes in the water and the conditions are good! Be safe and enjoy Oroville’s epic fall bite!!!


This report is brought to you by North Valley Tackle & Pro Shop, located at 2368 B Lincoln Street, Oroville CA-   530-712-9356


Jamey Soensen/Dan Wells

North Valley Tackle & Pro Shop

Folsom Report 7/23

folsom lake

Folsom lake is falling fast but fishing has been pretty good. The lake is projected to be at 5mph on August 15th. Recently the best bites I have found have all came off shore, trying fishing any humps you can find or the rock piles off the main peninsula. With the water falling so fast the state parks service has a lot of these spots marked off with hazard buoys. These spots have been producing good spots and smallies. A dropshot, 3.2 Keitech or tube have been the most productive baits for me. If the fish are feeding on the pond smelt a prism shad robo worm is the way to go, if they aren’t use a morning dawn. There is also a topwater bait way up the northfork past Rattle Snake Bar, try throwing an IMA skimmer near the rocks or steep cliffs and you should get bit. Hope that helps- Nick Lynch


Nick Spot SMalls

Nick Smalls