Nor Cal 90

NorCal90 is a family owned and operated business that operates in Oroville Ca. We run fishing events on Lake Oroville for fisherman/woman  of all skill levels from the entry level teams learning the ins & outs of tournament fishing to top level professionals fishing the national circuits.  NorCal90 was created to ensure that the most positive experience is achieved while fishing Bass tournaments on Lake Oroville. Our goal is to bring the fun back to fishing tournaments, as well as a little competition, with the possibility of taking home a little cash while you are enjoying the limited amount of time we get doing something we all love. 


    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, we are building this from the ground up and all input is not only welcome but requested. This will be a Trail ran by Fisherman, for the Fisherman.

Jason Bubier

2017 Tournament Season

“Lake Oroville”

The Basic Entry for each event will be $130 per team and this includes Big Fish money.

There will be 1 -$20 option that pays back the top 3, for an All-In of $150.

$20.00 membership per person (good for 2017 season) must be paid before fishing any event.


Saturday – December 3rd , 2016 – Bidwell Ramp

Saturday – January 7th  , 2017 – Bidwell Ramp

Saturday – February 4th  , 2017 – Bidwell Ramp

Sunday – March 5th , 2017 – Spillway Ramp

Sunday – April 9th , 2017 – Spillway Ramp


Dates to be determined ???


The 2017 points race (5 events) will start in Dec. and be 1 event per month through Apr. Teams must fish 4 of 5 events to qualify (no throw out for AOY/Top 5 in Points). Points will be awarded as follows “100-1st, 99-2nd,98-3rd , etc”, + 10 show up points per event fished. We will take the highest finishing team (1) from each event that has fished 4 of 5 events that did not qualify based on Top 5. Currently the only info that will be provided for the Fish-Off is that it will not be on Lake Oroville and will be kept secret until at least 24/48hrs prior to the event.  
Entry Forms will be accepted @ North Valley Tackle 2368 Lincoln Blvd. 530-712-9356

Until Fri. before each event, or Mail them to address below to avoid late fee the morning of.

   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

 This will be a Trail ran by Fisherman, for the Fisherman. 

Jason Bubier Owner/Director 34 Gleness Dr., Oroville, Ca 95966

530-589-2601 530-230-8868