Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Water Temp 69-73 deg

Water clear to light stain

Weather Cold Front windy WNW @15-20 mph high around 70 deg

Fishing has been up and down. There are Still good fish to be caught but you need to move around and find active fish. Dragging Jigs with the new Reins Tungsten football head has been getting some quality bites on long flat tapering points. I’m using 15lb 100% Berkley Triplane Flourocarbon Line  These fish are transitioning away from Spawning and out to their Summer haunts. Senkos are catching some smaller fish as well as drop shots shallow 5-10 feet. Occasionally a good one will eat the senko but you need to make alot of casts. The topwater bite is close to opening up, most the fish are just swiping at the bait and not fully committing yet, but this upcoming weather will change that, I did catch 10 fish on the IMA Skimmer Grande up to a  4 lb Spotted Bass, But I had some bigger ones just wiff on the bait. I also had good action on the new Ima Suspending Vibe 70 . I was making long casts in 3-5 feet of water as I was searching for bed fish, the 1 pounders  were clobbering it! Most the beds are empty, a few fish are still finishing their spawn, but they are very spooky. Last week the fish were bigger, but this week the numbers were better. Expect the lake to turn into summer mode , Top Water early and Late, then Deep Ledges and Offshore cover during the day.

Good Luck “Ron Howe”

Lake Camanche Bass